Our women's program is currently running in our house in Coatesville! We desire to see individuals who have struggled with drug and/or alcohol addiction living here, learning biblical foundations and principles, how to invest in the lives of others, work ethic, basic life skills, and learning how to live off of the land with our own local garden!

Program Main Points

  1. Spiritual Mentors or Parents: someone who helps another reach their God-given potential.

  2. Biblical Curriculum: our program is centered on a bible-based curriculum, helping students learn the foundation of a Godly lifestyle.

  3. Family Focused: education is also provided to family members, to strengthen the entire family unit.

Program Structure

  • 12 month program, minimum

  • 3 Stages with an optional internship (after program completion)

  • 4 months per stage, on average

  • No employment until the 6th month, with 40 hours/week being the end goal of the program

  • Meal Planning, Cooking, Gardening

  • Interactive and Contemplative Group Activities

  • Resume Building & Interview Skill assistance

  • Financial Instruction (Dave Ramsey method)

  • Addiction & Spiritual Counseling, focusing on inner healing

  • Recreational Activity, individual and group

  • Game Nights

  • Visiting Different Churches, Bible Studies

  • Celebrate Recovery