In order to protect privacy, due to the very personal nature of our organization, all testimonies are anonymous.

Counseling - Adults

Women's group therapy at Take Heart has been a life changing experience for me. God has worked through this group to show me I'm so much more than my past trauma. It's such a blessing to work with the horses, wonderful therapists, and a great group of ladies. Working with others has shown me that I'm not alone and being able to build each other up has been incredible. I didn't realize how much damage my past trauma has caused me, but receiving the tools to work through it has been amazing because I never thought it'd be possible. I always thought I'd be set in my ways, but I'm living proof that that's wrong. Thank you, Jesus!

Take Heart feels like a safe place for healing. Working with the horses and building a connection with them and relating it to our relationships and our trauma is really eye opening. God opened my eyes to the things I was holding onto from my past so that I could let them go and heal from them.

Starting these sessions, I was unsure how it would impact me, but little did I know, I needed healing in some deeply wounded areas. TRUSTING God fully, I felt FREE and whole from the trauma I experienced in my early 20’s. “We are more than conquerors through HIM…” (Romans 8:37) when we set our minds and hearts to things above. This was the verse that hit me during our trust falls in week 5. That was the biggest night for me. I AM a conquer! We are only held captive by what we allow. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to experience this with such a strong group of women, building more friendships along the way!

Equine Assisted Learning - Kids

Connected Kids (ages 6-11)
I felt good because I was with horses. I felt good about myself because I could lead the horses. It built my confidence in myself. I want to volunteer at Little Springs in the future!

Connected Kids (ages 6-11)
I like learning about and feeding the horses, riding my first horse and seeing how brave I am. I love the activities.

Connected Kids (ages 6-11)
I loved horse therapy because it made me feel good about myself and become more like who God wanted me to be.

Bold, Confident, Strong (BCS) - Women's Prayer Group for those impacted by addiction

It is refreshing to have a safe community for women to connect, pray, and worship God. Through love and conversation, women are sharing their burdens while encouraging each other.

The amount of freedom to speak and be heard is refreshing and life giving.

It is definitely refreshing. The Spirit of Jesus was present and I'm excited for the next one!

I felt very comfortable, welcomed, and left spiritually motivated. I was looking for a group like this in my recovery because faith and recovery go hand in hand for me.

Holiday Seeds

The Seeds Program really blessed my family this year and last. My 3 girls had a wonderful Christmas and were able to enjoy all of the beautiful gifts that this program afforded us. We are so truly grateful. Thank you for making our holiday the BEST!

Your program was a huge help, and brought a lot of joy. The kids were so extremely excited to receive items they specifically picked out, but weren't sure they would receive. I can't thank you enough! This truly meant a lot to our family and we are very thankful for this program and the people behind the scenes for making our Christmas complete!

When my husband was in rehab, House of Hope & Restoration helped pay some of his stay. I'm now a single mother, due to my husband walking out on us. God prompted HHR to reach out to me around Christmas time and gifts were provided for my son and groceries were given to fill our cabinets. Finances were very tight. I'm so thankful for HHR. We are continually covered in prayer by them and they are always a phone call away. God is good!

Thank you for my new bike and games! I can't wait to play with everything.

Starting over was the hardest, but best decision I've ever made. I struggled every day trying to make sure I was making the right decisions. I was scared for the unknown for me and my children. Making ends meet seemed almost impossible for us. If it wasn't for God's faithfulness and House of Hope & Restoration, I don't know how we would have gotten through this. Just when I thought I had lost all hope, they were there. I will never forget their kindness and generosity. A HUGE thank you to everyone involved and may God bless you all!

COVID-19 Assistance

I applied for the COVID-19 Assistance. The Seeds Program prayerfully considered assisting me with my rent payment. They had no idea that I am a recovering addict myself and have continued to work so hard to get to where I am. This was one more way God kept me in recovery. Thank you, Seeds Program!

I am not one to ask for help, but due to COVID-19, a lot had changed in our household. Our kids were suddenly homeschooled and we were down to one income. Through fate, I found House of Hope & Restoration on Facebook. Offering help to anyone in need, I decided to complete their application for assistance through The Seeds Program. I requested help with my internet bill, which was past due, in order to ensure my kids could continue to do online schooling. The Seeds Program helped! They were a source of light in what felt like a dark time in both the world and our own home. I know a lot of families are struggling, so I'm extremely thankful for the help I received and am grateful for the work that House of Hope & Restoration is doing for our community. I cannot say "Thank You" enough.

My children needed new clothing because they all suddenly decided to grow during COVID-19. The Seeds Program allowed me to shop online and they covered the bill. I have never been able to shop like that for new clothing and my children were very excited to pick their new items out. You have no idea what this gesture means to me and my family. These kids are going to be so excited when the packages arrive. Thank you so much for this! We are eager to pay it forward and volunteer!!